small private studio in the East of The Netherlands

a new era of jewelry for everybody and every body

Handcrafted grillz and jewelry that speak louder than words 

for those who are seeking to be extraordinary.

Step 1

Book a consult appointment at my studio. We will discuss the design and I'll do a moulding of your teeth.This will take approximately 20 minutes.

Step 2

Give me time to craft your piece. This will take 3-4 weeks for regular grillz, but longer for pieces with engravings, stones or other customizations.

Step 3

When your grill is ready, you will receive a message from me. You can now schedule a pick-up appointment!

Ready for some new grillz?

Before booking an appointment, please make sure you’ve read all information by clicking the button below. It’s important you know exactly what to expect when getting grillz made by me.

My story

Every grill is crafted by me to fit you perfectly. I want to show the world grillz aren’t only for the tough – they’re also for the vulnerable.

Get inspired