tooth gems

Tooth gems are tiny rhinestones or jewels that are applied on teeth using a specific adhesive. This adhesive is the same as used by dentists/orthodontists to put braces on teeth. There are many cool designs possible but also just one single tooth gem if you want to keep it simple 🙂

I only use real Swarovski® stones & new color/gem options will be added to and shown in my Instagram stories. Please Dm me your idea before booking your appointment!

Tooth gems will last 1 month at least and up to years. It depends on the acidity of your mouth, how/what you eat/drink and how you take care of them. Please note that every body is different and it’s not guaranteed your tooth gems will last as long as you’d like.

Tooth gems can only be placed on real teeth, so no facings or dentures.

care info

– Please brush your teeth beforehand

– After placement of the gems, don’t eat/drink/smoke for 1 hour

– Avoid brushing your teeth for 12 hours

– Avoid alcohol, soda and hard foods for 24 hours

house rules

– Please show up and be on time

– If you’re late, please give a valid reason or you’ll be charged an extra fee of €5,- per 5 minutes

– Payment can be done with cash or payment request (QR-code)

– You can cancel an appointment until 24 hours before it takes place


– You’ll receive a one-time warranty of 2 weeks

– If your tooth gem falls of within the first 2 weeks of placement, please let me know immediately (with proof of the original appointment date) so we can schedule a new one (DM/email)

– Please make sure there’s no adhesive/glue left on the teeth or let this get removed by your dentist first