mould kits

Not located close to my studio? Then you can order a mould kit for €20 excluding (international) shipping. You can use any kit, but I recommend using mine, because it includes the best possible impression putty.


  1. Let me know what grill design you want by emailing a sketch/reference photo (with a description as detailed as possible) to OR in DM on Instagram (@divine_grillz).
  2. Wait for my reply.
  3. If your design has been accepted please fulfill the payment via the payment link I’ll send you and send me your full name + shipping address details email address
  4. After taking your impression (instructions below) and before sending it back to me, please e-mail/text/DM me some clear photos of your dental impression (with flash) so I can see if everything’s right.
  5. Send it back to my address.


  • Please make sure that the side you want your cap on is to YOUR right or left, not someone looking at you. This is your own responsibility and if you make a mistake here I can’t refund you.
  • Taking the dental impression yourself is also YOUR responsibility, not mine. If you want to be sure you have a well-fitting grill, then come to my studio to let me do it, or let your dentist take your impression (and send that to me).
  • The shipment back is for your own account and responsibility. Don’t include anything in the return package that you don’t want to get lost/broken. If the carrier of your choice loses or damages the package, that’s not my responsibility. Make sure you pack it well.
  • Need help? Please e-mail or DM me 🙂

Moulding instructions

For a good dental mould, please follow these instructions carefully. Read them all through before you start, because you have to be quick so the putty doesn’t get activated too soon:

1. Make sure your teeth are brushed and clean for the best result

2. Put on gloves

3. Grab the dental impression tray(s)

4. Mix 1x green + 1x white impression putty for 30 sec. until evenly light green (no white spots)

5. Roll quickly into a ball and then into a thick cylinder shape, without creating folds. It’s important you do this as fast as possible

6. Immediately press the cylinder shape softly into the tray, make sure the putty has no folds in it (!) and is evened out. It’s important you do this as fast as possible

7. Push the tray firmly up/down onto your teeth (with your thumbs/fingers) in one move, until it can’t be pressed any further. If it’s on your teeth, DON’T wiggle or move it until fully hardened (because then the final grill piece won’t fit onto your teeth anymore). Make sure your teeth are fully covered with the putty and do not scrape the tray with your teeth, only put your teeth into the putty.

8. Leave in for 2,5 minutes (02:30). Don’t bite on the tray.

9. Remove by pulling it down gently, don’t wiggle it left to right – only softly front to back if necessary!

10. Still struggling? Click HERE to watch a video (00:41 until 11:17) about taking a dental impression yourself. Or contact me.

Note: taking a dental impression yourself is not easy and your own responsibility. It needs to be done fast and can go wrong, so please come to my studio to let me do it.


Incorrectly done. Customer didn’t push the tray up onto their teeth in one smooth move. They moved it too much. You can see the putty is cracked and the teeth aren’t defined enough. You can also see the (white) tray at the front, because the teeth were scraped onto it. Avoid this.


Correctly done. All teeth are well defined and the gum lines are visible. Your impression should look something like this!