grillz info

Grillz are a type of jewelry worn over the teeth.

My grillz are not permanent, you can put them in and take them out whenever you like.

How to order grillz

You can book an appointment for a grillz consult at my studio by clicking on this link. We will shortly discuss your design wishes and I will take a dental impression mould of your teeth. This takes max. 30 minutes in total. You will need to visit my studio twice: once for the consult appointment and once for the pick-up/fitting of the grill.



If you want a custom design with stones/diamonds, please email or DM me a sketch/reference photo of the design before booking an appointment so I can check stone/diamond availability. Otherwise it’s not 100% guaranteed I can make the design you want.

Creating time

Creating your grill takes time. After taking or receiving your dental impression I strive to finish your grill within 3-4 weeks, but it can be later if you want customizations/gems/diamonds/etc. I will let you know when it’s finished, so we can plan a date for the final fitting and then the grill is yours!

Please note: grillz I make will not snap onto your teeth, because that can harm your teeth enamel. You will need to temporarily “glue” the grill with denture glue (I recommend Fixodent, available at most drug stores like Kruidvat, Etos, Die Grenze, etc.).

Fixodent will keep your grill in place for a few hours, until you take them out by simply pulling the grill off your teeth.

Care info

– Don’t eat/smoke with your grillz in

– Smoking will immediately discolor your grill

– Watch out with drinking. Avoid coffee and tea.

– Don’t put your grillz loose in your pocket without a case

– Clean your grillz regularly with non-abrasive tooth pase (inside and out)

I can clean your grillz after discoloration. 1st time is free, after that €10

I will not clean grillz that are dirty or badly taken care of


Payments for grillz will be done in my studio by payment request (QR code).

Payments at my studio will be done 50% in advance on the first appointment and the other 50% when you’re picking up the grill. After the first payment it’s not possible to change your order. If you change your mind or want to cancel the order it’s not possible to get a refund because I’ve already started the making process. Online purchases always need to be paid fully in advance.

House rules

– Please show up and be on time

– If you’re late, please give a valid reason or you’ll be charged an extra fee of €5,- per 5 minutes

– You can cancel an appointment until 24 hours before it takes place

– You can bring a friend (or two), but please be respectful

– There’s a toilet in my studio 🙂

– I have 3 cats walking around my studio, so watch out if you’re allergic to cats or if you’re scared of them. They’re REALLY friendly though 🙂