before booking, please read the "info" page in the menu above and make sure you understand how I work :)


Creating process

Creating your grill takes time. After taking or receiving your dental impression I strive to finish your grill within 2-3 weeks, but it can be later if you want customizations/gems/diamonds/etc. I will let you know when it’s finished, so we can plan a date for the final fitting and then the grill is yours! Please note: your grill will not snap onto your teeth, because it will harm your teeth. You will need to “glue” the grill with denture glue (I recommend Fixodent).


I will send you a payment request or the payment can be made by transferring the money to my bank account. This counts for online purchases and purchases done in my studio. I do not accept cash money due to safety reasons! Please, respect that and bring your phone so you’ll be able to transfer the money at our appointment.

Online purchases always need to be paid in advance. Payments at my studio will be done 50% in advance on the first appointment and the other 50% when you’re picking up the grill. After the first payment it’s not possible to change your order. If you change your mind or want to cancel the order it’s not possible to get a refund because I’ve already started the making process.

Mould kits

You can order a mould kit for €12,50 excluding (international) shipping by sending an email to You can use any kit, but I recommend using mine, because it’s a good and cheap option.

Click HERE to watch a video (00:41 until 11:17) about taking a dental impression yourself before you start. Follow all the steps to get the right outcome. 

The steps you need to take:

  1. Fill in the form below as detailed as possible and email that to
  2. Wait for my reply
  3. If your design has been accepted I will send you information on how to order the mould kit.
  4. After taking your impression and before sending it back to me, please e-mail/text me a clear photo of your dental impression (with flash) so I can see if everything’s right.
  5. Send the impression back to me. Please include the form. The return address is:

    t.n.v. Dorien Broenink
    Boomshoeksdwarsweg 19
    7601VH, Almelo
    The Netherlands

  6. send it to the address on the form and include the form. Fill in the form below and before you send the impression back to me, please e-mail/text me a photo of your dental impression so I can see if everything’s right.


  • Please make sure that the side you want your cap on is to YOUR right or left, not someone looking at you. This is your own responsibility and if you make a mistake here I can’t refund you.
  • The shipment back is for your own account and responsibility. Don’t include anything in the return package that you don’t want to get lost/broken. If the carrier of your choice loses or damages the package, that’s not my responsibility. Make sure you pack it well.
  • Need help? Please send an e-mail to 🙂