Material options are: 14k yellow gold (585dz) and silver (925dz). I only use solid, high quality materials.

Yes, that’s no problem. I’ll make sure the grill fits well and doesn’t affect the wire.

With a bit of dental glue (Fixodent) so they don’t fall out. Single caps always need to be secured with dental glue. I don’t make grillz you snap onto your teeth, because they put pressure on your teeth and can harm the teeth.

Yes, just book two spots so I can make sure I have enough time for you.

If that makes you feel more comfortable: of course! But please, don’t bring more than two friends with you.

No, I don’t. I create grill caps you can temporarily put onto your teeth. Although I do work together with professional dentists, DIVINE grillz isn’t a medical institution. Please contact your dentist if you want a permanent solution.

I do not recommend eating with your grill in, because it’s not a prosthesis and it will damage the metal. If you drink while wearing a grill that’s your own responsibility and not mine. The metal may discolor over time.

No, you don’t. We will place the gap filler on top of your teeth. It doesn’t create a gap either.

Yes, you can. A mould kit is €12,50 excluding (international) shipping. Go to the “info” page in the menu above for more information on ordering the mould kit.

No, it’s not possible to pay for a product after receiving it. Online purchases always need to be paid in advance. Payments at my studio will be done 50% in advance on the first appointment and the other 50% when you’re picking up the grill.

That depends on where you want me to go. Just DM or email me to discuss it.